All of our courses have accompanying workbooks that can be purchased for your own resource library, or browse our bookstore for other training materials, self-therapy workbooks, journals, and more.  

Today I Feel... for Officers

You see a lot. Stuff is hard.  Journaling helps, but sometimes words are just as hard. Doodle or draw, or write, in this journal that just asks daily, "How do you feel today?"

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Today I Feel... for Firefighters

Firefighters see a lot of hard stuff. Journaling helps, but sometimes words just don't come. Doodle or draw, or write, in this journal that asks daily, "How do you feel today?"

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Today I Feel... for Children

A drawing journal especially for kids.

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Personal Strategic Planning Guide

This workbook is designed to help you strategically plan your goals for an effective, success-driven year.

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Time Management Planner

Priority focus is the key to this time management planner -with month, week, and daily pages.

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Post-Action Strategic Debriefing©

This course teaches a post-incident, therapeutic method for developing individual and team strength after a crisis for a healthy recovery and group cohesiveness.

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Administrative Assistant: The Training Course

Learn the professional way to handle the basics -- and how to present yourself as a true professional.

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AdminAsst: Trng Course BULK

Workbook bulk orders at discounted prices.

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Draw Your Feelings Out

A guided drawing journal for kids, with pages asking them to doodle their feelings about various topics.

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Pre-Marriage Strategic Planning

This workbook walks couples through a wide variety of topics, to help strategically plan and communicate.

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Find Yourself

A therapeutic style workbook - to help you be more clearly on your way to knowing who you are now, where you want to get to as a person, and how you plan on getting there.

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Heal Yourself

A bit like 50 therapy sessions in a private, self-paced workbook. Discover your own hurts and struggles, and take time to answer reflective questions to learn more about yourself & move toward healing.

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The Break-Up Journal

21 days of guided journaling to break the habit, and 21 more days to create new, happy habits.

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The Criteria List

The Criteria List is designed to help you discover what's really important to you in finding "the one." Once you see clearly what really matters to you, you'll be better prepared to actually go out and find it.

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Holistic Life Planner

This planner combines a master to-do list, monthly calendars, and daily planning pages to include all life areas, for a holistic planning approach.

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