Department Training

Only spend 25% of last year's expense.

Training for your whole team for 1/4 last year's budget cost.

What did you spend last year on training? How many people received training? How many training hours did your department acquire?

Train ALL of your officers, for only 25% of what you spent last year.  We'll enroll them in our All-Access Pass, providing access to all of our online classes --  over 60 current training hours and 50+ upcoming hours.

All courses are online, available 24/7, through December 31, 2018.

Certificates are provided for each course completion, and in Oklahoma we handle submission of rosters to CLEET on your behalf, so no officer has to submit his own training record.

Online Training

24/7 Access

Our online training courses are available 24/7, all shifts, on almost any device.  On-demand means you can watch at your convenience.  We make training easy, practical, and immediately usable on the job, with no travel or long days away from the job.

Training Hours

How Many Hours Do You Need?

Run a quick report of how many training hours your department earned last year. We'll beat that by offering our All-Access pass to ALL of your officers through December 31, 2018.

25% of Your Budget

Cut Spending, Not Training.

DETAILS:  Tell us the amount of your budget dollars spent on training last year, # of officers and #of training hours.

We'll enroll all of your officers in Academy Hour training classes, for the same average # of training hours per person, billed at only 1/4 of the amount you spent on training last year.

Priced right...Spend Your Budget Elsewhere!

There's no more to it - it's so simple! 

Same # of training hours your department received last year, for the same # of officers trained last year.  But only spend 1/4 the amount you spent last year. You won't be billed or charged any more than that. Training is available until midnight on December 31, 2018, allowing lots of time for your officers to view the training courses online.

Give us a call (405) 326-4116 or send us an email ( and we'll be happy to discuss your department training.